RM Division


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ARRL Rocky Mountain Division
Sections: Colorado · New Mexico · Utah · Wyoming

Dwayne Allen, WY7FD
PO Box 1482
157 Vista Circle
Sundance, WY 82729-1482
307-283-3107    wy7fd@arrl.org

Vice Director:
Jeff Ryan, KØRM
9975 Wadsworth Pkwy # K2-275
Westminster, CO 80021
720-334-2620    k0rm@arrl.org

ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Director


Dwayne Allen WY7FD lives in Sundance, Wyoming, and has been licensed for over 20 years. He’s active on all bands between 80 meters and 70-centimeters and served as Wyoming’s Section Manager prior to election as Vice-Director in 2008. In January 2016, he became Director of the Rocky Mountain Division. He has served as secretary, vice-president, and president of the largest ham club in North Dakota, the Red River Radio Amateurs, and is an Emergency Coordinator for Crook County, Wyoming. Dwayne is also a Field Day addict (his callsign says it all: “WYoming 7 Field Day”) as well as an avid DXer and contester.

Current ARRL committee appointments:

  • Programs and Services Committee
  • HF Band planning Committee

Previous ARRL committee appointments:

  • Program and Services Committee (PSC)
  • Centennial Celebration Committee
  • HF Bandplanning Committee


ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Vice-Director

jeff ryanJeff Ryan KØRM, of Westminster, Colorado, was appointed to Vice-Director in January 2016, bringing a wealth of experience to our Division. Jeff is a Life Member of the ARRL and has been an active member of the Colorado Amateur Radio community for over 20 years as an ARRL Field Services volunteer as well as holding several leadership positions in Colorado-based organizations. Jeff was Colorado Section Manager from 2001 thru 2011 and was an Assistant SM and an Emergency Coordinator prior to that. He also served as the Division representative on the ARRL Emergency Communications Advisory Committee (ECAC). Jeff co-founded HamCon Colorado in 2002 for the sole purpose of hosting a full blown ARRL Division Convention in Colorado. He currently sits on the HamCon Colorado board of directors and serves as co-chairman of the 2016 Convention. He is currently the President of Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, Vice Chair of the Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs and an Assistant Section Manager. Active on HF, he enjoys rag chewing primarily on 10 and 20 meters. He is also active on VHF/UHF and been participating with the WØKVA/NØSZ team in the June VHF Contest since 2009. Jeff has been working in the telecom industry for over thirty years. He is also a private pilot.


Brian Mileshosky N5ZGT Elected to ARRL Second Vice President

A message from Brian Mileshosky N5ZGT (January 15, 2016)

Greetings from the ARRL Board meeting near Newington, Connecticut.

Before news of this weekend’s meeting hits the various ham news outlets, I wanted to be the first to inform you that the ARRL Board of Directors has elected me to the position of ARRL Second Vice-President. Rick Roderick, K5UR and Greg Widin, KØGW, both outstanding hams and leaders, were elected as ARRL President and First Vice President, respectively. Our terms, two years in length, commence at the conclusion of this weekend’s meeting.

Running for Vice President was not, in any way, an easy or quick decision. Not once, since first joining the Board on your behalf in 2005, has representing you and all members across the Rocky Mountain Division been anything less than an absolute privilege, joy, and honor.

The League is entering an unprecedented period of transition with the retirement of Dave Sumner K1ZZ (after sitting at 225 Main Street for the past 44 years), the forthcoming election and of ARRL’s new Chief Executive Officer, and President Kay Craigie N3KN hanging up her own gloves after serving on ARRLs Board for more than 25 years. Externally, pressures and opportunities continue to present themselves to amateur radio — political, regulatory, technological, and demographic in nature.

While I will greatly miss serving you in the capacity of Director, I am committed to working diligently alongside President Roderick, our League’s officers and board members, as well as ARRL’s staff and management to ensure the League remains able to tackle these challenges and opportunities and remains the strong national association for amateur radio that you expect and deserve.

Vice-Director Dwayne Allen WY7FD will ably assume the role of Rocky Mountain Division Director at the conclusion of this weekend’s meeting. He and I have worked together, in complete lockstep, since 2008 so I have absolute confidence in his ability to keep leading our Division forward in the field, on the air, and within the Board room. Please give Dwayne your full support as he transitions into his new role and identifies a great appointee for Vice-Director to serve you alongside him. Our Division will remain in great hands.

Thank you once again for the pleasure and opportunity to serve and represent the Rocky Mountain Division these past 11 years. I will certainly remain active around our parts, and am especially excited to serve you and our entire organization in this new capacity.

See you on the air!

Sincere 73,
Brian Mileshosky N5ZGT


2016 Rocky Mountain Division Awards — Call for Nominations

There are many hams throughout the Rocky Mountain Division who deserve to be recognized for their selfless contributions towards the betterment of our ham community. We would like honor them, with your help. Nominations are now being accepted for the following awards:

  • Rocky Mountain Division Ham of the Year Award
  • Rocky Mountain Division Young Ham of the Year Award
  • Rocky Mountain Division Technical Achievement Award

Complete details, rules, and a nomination form can be found on the Rocky Mountain Division Awards page. Completed applications are due by April 1.


2015 Rocky Mountain Division Awards

Congratulations to George Weber KAØBSA of Broomfield, Colorado, Devin Conn KDØYZO of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Jim Andrews KH6HTV of Boulder, Colorado for being awarded the 2015 Rocky Mountain Division Ham of the Year, Rocky Mountain Division Young Ham of the Year, and Rocky Mountain Division Technical Achievement awards (respectively)!

Rocky Mountain Division Ham of the Year Award

George KAØBSA was first licensed in 1978, and has served the amateur radio community around Colorado and the Division in numerous ways: he serves ARRL members across Colorado as an Assistant Section Manager often focusing on youth and scouting topics.  An avid member of Boulder County ARES (BCARES), George wears many hats including primary at-large member of BCARES board of directors, membership and staffing
coordinator, and liaison to both Broomfield OEM and the COARES net.  He represents BCARES in Colorado ARES’ North Central Region working on an update of standards for the use of digital technologies, helps runs several nets, and more.  George has also taught several amateur radio classes which have produced over fifty new hams and — more importantly — has followed up with his students to then instill the practical side
of ham radio (station construction, good operating skill, net participation, and procedures, etc.).  He is also an avid scouter, as his callsign KAØBSA suggests.  George serves on the Board of the Denver Area Council Boy Scouts ARC, helped establish a permanent amateur radio station at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch (callsign KBØBSA), helped establish an amateur radio station at the new Colorado Adventure Point/Urban Scouting Center in Denver, and helps provide an amateur radio presence at council camporees and other events such as Jamboree on the Air (JOTA).  George has served on K2BSA staff at four National Scout Jamborees as well.  George, thank you for your selfless service to amateur radio and the communities it both draws from and benefits!

Rocky Mountain Division Young Ham of the Year Award

Devin KDØYZO earned his first ticket in February 2014 at the age of 11 and has since upgraded to General.  Since becoming licensed he has been active on the air and a contributing member of the Pueblo West Amateur Radio Club and his local amateur radio community alongside his father, Dr. John Conn K0JMC, when they lived in Pueblo, Colorado.  Last October Devin was asked to fly a homebrew payload and science experiment of his design aboard Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS) flight 202.  Devin’s payload, inspired by his curiosity of at what altitude sound waves cease to exist, measured the changes in sound propagation with altitude and depleting atmosphere.  His experiment successfully recorded data for the entire balloon flight, which reached an altitude of 102,800 feet above sea level.  Devin’s contribution to the ham community as well as within the hobby’s more specialized activities at such a young age is remarkable, and we look forward to seeing Devin continue to excel within amateur radio for years to come.

Rocky Mountain Division Technical Achievement Award

Jim KH6HTV is a retired electrical engineer and a Fellow of IEEE, having earned his BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Kansas, working for the National Bureau of Standards and later founding Picosecond Pulse Labs where he served as president for 20 years.  Jim, an Extra class ham, is active throughout amateur radio and has particularly devoted 35 years of his life to the use, development, and improvement of amateur television (ATV), and has become known as the leading proponent of QAM-64 high definition ATV.
He has contributed within Boulder County ARES (BCARES) for the last 35 years and serves as trustee of its ATV repeater, W0BCR.  BCARES is a significant user of ATV during its deployments, thanks in no small part to Jim, and has been recognized by numerous government agencies for its use of the technology. Jim has contributed to and has helped advance, the technical art within amateur radio throughout his professional and amateur radio careers, particularly within the ATV arena.  He’s published dozens of technical and practical use articles on the subject in QST Magazine, ATV Quarterly, and presented the same at Dayton Hamvention.  Jim is a member of ARRL as well as the Boulder Amateur
Radio Club.

George, Devin, and Jim will receive a great looking plaque recognizing their achievement and, if attending, will also be recognized at the 2015 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention banquet in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

We’d also like to recognize the other hams who were nominated by their peers for this year’s awards and thank them for their continued service to amateur radio:  Ralph Clark NM5RC, Larry Elkin NY5L, Darryl Hazelgren K7UT, Don Hinsman N4VIP, Mike Manes W5VSI, and Wes Wilson KØHBZ.

Special thanks to those who submitted nominations for our Division’s various awards, as well as to our judging panel which is composed of our Division’s four Section Managers and an appointed ARRL member of their choosing within their respective Sections.

A call for nominations for 2016’s awards will be made later this year.

Brian Mileshosky N5ZGT
ARRL Director, Rocky Mountain Division

Brian Mileshosky N5ZGT
ARRL Director, Rocky Mountain Division

Dwayne Allen WY7FD
ARRL Vice-Director, Rocky Mountain Division

Past Recipients

Ham of the Year:

  • Darryl Hazelgren, K7UT (2008)
  • Roger Kehr N3AOQ (2009)
  • Shirley Larsen, AD7HL (2011)
  • Bob Sterner, KBØBS (2012)
  • Bret Mills, WX7Y (2013)
  • Ed James, KA8JMW (2014)

Young Ham of the Year:

  • Phillip Shaw, KE5LZX (2008)
  • Anna Veal, WØANT  (2011)
  • Austin Shaller, KDØFAA (2012)
  • Leonor Morrow, AE5UF (2013)
  • James Edwards, AB7XT (2014)

Technical Achievement Award:

  • Clint Turner, KA7OEI (2008)
  • David Hassall, WA5DJJ (2012)
  • Joe Ostrowski, KI5FJ (2013)
  • Alan Applegate, KØBG (2014)


ARRL Committee appointments

The League and its Rocky Mountain Division members wish to thank the following hams who are volunteering their time to serve on various committees that contribute valuable studies and recommendations to the Board of Directors:

  • Assistant Director (Emerging Technology): Ed James, KA8JMW of Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Assistant Director (STEM and Education): Paul Veal, NØAH of Littleton, Colorado
  • ARRL Contest Advisory Committee: Robert Neece, KØKR of Boulder, Colorado
  • ARRL DX Advisory Committee: Dick Williams, K8ZTT of Parker, Colorado
  • ARRL Electromagnetic Compatibility Committee: Ron Hranac, NØIVN of Littleton, Colorado
  • ARRL RF Safety Committee: Robert Gold, M.D., WØKIZ of Castle Rock, Colorado
  • ARRL Public Relations Committee: Katie Allen, WY7YL of Sundance, Wyoming



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