Official Observers

Official Observers (OO) Responsibilities

The Amateur Auxiliary of the FCC

ARRL Observer Intruder Monitoring System


  • Karen K. Schultz, KAØCDN

    County: Adams
    Division: Rocky Mountain Section: Colorado
     Official Observer Coordinator – Start: 1988-03-23
    Official Observer – Start: 1987-06-05

    Ryan D. Dahlberg, NØOJ

    County: Douglas
    Division: Rocky Mountain Section: Colorado
    Official Observer – Start: 2008-04-29

  • Berry T. Kroeger, NØOYM

    County: Weld
    Division: Rocky Mountain Section: Colorado
    Official Observer – Start: 2003-07-18

  • Bryon Paul Veal, NØAH

    County: Douglas
    Division: Rocky Mountain Section: Colorado
    Official Observer – Start: 2010-03-01


IARU Monitors Report Intruders on Several HF Bands

The International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS) continues to observe and log unauthorized operations that intrude on Amateur Radio allocations. For example, the May 2013 IARUMS Region 1 (Europe) Newsletter reports an over-the-horizon (OTH) radar operating in Iran daily on 10 meters (26 to 30 MHz), transmitting bursts with 307 and 870 sweeps per second, 60 kHz wide and often jumping, covering 700 kHz and more. IARUMS Region 3 (Oceania) volunteers also have reported hearing the OTH interference from Iran. Regulatory agencies in Switzerland and Germany have filed complaints without effect. IARUMS volunteers in Region 1 also report daily BPSK military traffic from Ukraine on 15 meters (21,058, 21,060 and 21,062 kHz). German authorities have formally complained. DGØJBJ reports having observed 11 OTH radars on 20 meters, 65 OTH radars on 15 meters and 30 OTH radars on 10 meters — not including the OTH radars from Iran. Other reported intruders include a Russia Air Force signal on 3531.0 kHz, identifying as REA4 (A1A) at 2040 UTC. IARUMS Region 3 volunteers further report ongoing “illegal use of 10 meters for local short-range communications in a number of Asian countries.” Radio amateurs in IARU Region 2 (the Americas) may report suspected intruders on exclusive Amateur Radio allocations to the ARRL.


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