New Colorado Hams

ARRL Membership in Colorado

As of January 2017, the ARRL Colorado Section has shown a -1.1% total net loss in our overall ARRL Membership over the preceding year ending December 2016. This represents a net total of 3,625 ARRL members out of the 7,342 current members in the entire Rocky Mountain Division (CO, UT, WY, and NM). Last year at this same time there were 3,665 ARRL members in Colorado. Colorado ARRL affiliated hams make up about 49% of the Rocky Mountain Division’s total ARRL membership.

I believe that the overall decline in nationwide ARRL members is due to a couple of problems. First of all, we are seeing some attrition due to some of our more senior members going SK and the bulk of our ARRL members are hams that were licensed as far back as the mid 1950’s. Secondly, I believe that the increase in ARRL membership dues may have caused some members to not renew or join. That is always the chance when you increase dues of any sort even though your ARRL membership is still a bargain considering the representation and the benefits offered overall. 

To this extent, we desperately need to offer an entry level amateur radio license exam more suited to attract people under the age of 30 to the hobby. the ARRL is considering changing the entry level exam to reflect more of what might be more attractive to potential hams by modernizing the question pool and making more in line to today’s technologies. Your input is requested and welcomed at 

The ARRL Colorado Section reflects the losses in the Rocky Mountain Division this year with the total number of hams and net gains/losses in ARRL membership/month and yet, is showing less losses than most ARRL Sections in the USA. For reference, the overall losses of the ARRL in the USA and its entities has declined at a -3.8% rate over the same time period. The Rocky Mountain Division ARRL membership has also declined at a -2.4% rate during the same time period. There are approximately 163,312 ARRL members in the USA as of January 2017. Colorado’s total ARRL membership makes up approximately 2.2% of the ARRL’s entire membership. 

According to the FCC’s database, as of February 2017, there is a total of 16,849 ACTIVE ham licensees in Colorado. Of which, 3,244 are Extra Class; 936 are Advanced Class; 3802 are General Class; 8714 are Technician Class and there are still 153 classed as Novices (??). So, doing the math once again, 21.5% of all the hams in Colorado are currently ARRL members. C’mon guys and gals, I’m sure we can do better than that! You Club Presidents need to recruit more of your members to join the ARRL. You new hams need to join one of the many great ARRL affiliated Ham Radio Clubs in Colorado, join the ARRL as a member and reap the many benefits ARRL membership has to offer. As a note of interest… there were about 15,131 hams in February 2016. We have had an 10.2% gain in ham radio licenses here in Colorado over the past 12 months!  WOW!!

Just click on the link below to join this great ham radio fraternity. I hope you will utilize this convenient tool and join us soon.

Jack Ciaccia, WMØG
ARRL Colorado Section Manager

ham density in the USA    Map showing the density of hams across the USA 

Let me take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to the new hams among us listed here below who have become part of our community over the past few months. I would hope that you will enjoy this incredibly diverse and wondrous hobby with the expectations of getting the maximum enjoyment possible. I believe that joining the ARRL will definitely help you realize your amateur radio goals with all of the benefits that ARRL membership brings. 

Just click on this link: ARRL membership  to join this great ham radio fraternity. I hope you will utilize this convenient tool and join us soon.


Jack Ciaccia, WMØG

ARRL Colorado Section Manager




Clyde J Hoadley, KB0AMJ
6560 W 84th Cir
Apt 130
Arvada, CO 80003-1115

Christopher P Scholz, AD0PX
13404 W 62nd Pl
Arvada, CO 80004-6142

Aleta C Kelley, KE0HRH
2708 Worchester St
Aurora, CO 80011-2716

Jeffrey L Whitling, KE0LIK
17053 E Flora Pl
Aurora, CO 80013-2046

Jon V Caples, N0RDE
5302 E Caley Ave
Centennial, CO 80121-3405

Stephen D Dohnal, KE0JBG
2947 W Riverwalk Cir
Unit C
Littleton, CO 80123-7118

George W Schoenecker, KD0SKL
7674 W Plymouth Pl
Littleton, CO 80128-4419

Richard F Scheuerer, K0ZX
9739 Burberry Way
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129-6259

William G Grovenburg, KD0KGY
19840 Vista Clara Ln
Monument, CO 80132-8018

Carl L Turner, KE0LCD
18130 Canterbury Dr
Monument, CO 80132-8337

John G Halloran, KB1TM
650 Bear Trap Way
Monument, CO 80132-9449

Sean R Farr, KI6HHF
21630 Crestone Needles Dr
Parker, CO 80138-8332

Kyoshin Harrower, KE0LMD
PO Box 40610
Denver, CO 80204-0610

Roger L Ryken, KE0LNX
2000 Meade St
Denver, CO 80211-5060

Joseph H Kasper, AC0HI
5701 Clay St
Denver, CO 80221-1852

Richard R Mcdonald, KE0KYR
2931 S Jay St
Denver, CO 80227-3803

James J Morin, KB9LED
1737 S Van Dyke Way
Lakewood, CO 80228-3948

Glen Rosenthal, N0NR
1470 S Quebec Way
Apt 185
Denver, CO 80231-2661

David S Jennings, KC0ZQS
11445 W Florida Pl
Denver, CO 80232-6001

Carol Jennings, KD0DUF
11445 W Florida Pl
Denver, CO 80232-6001

Richard M Vose, KE0KWE
10827 Livingston Dr
Northglenn, CO 80234-3741

Don E Stroup, KE0JIA
13063 Dyanna Dr
Thornton, CO 80241-2109

Ronda L Benjamin, KE0LQX
9104 Rampart St
Denver, CO 80260-6715

Heimir T Sverrisson, W1ANT
3301 Arapahoe Ave
Unit 412
Boulder, CO 80303-1077

Daniel C Norman, N0HF
7856 Baseline Rd
Boulder, CO 80303-4710

Jerrold F Zimmer, K0JZZ
275 Timber Ln
Boulder, CO 80304-0481

Dave Hartzell, AD0QE
4525 13th St
Unit 4H
Boulder, CO 80304-4825

Barry A Mather, AD7CL
1953 Goldenvue Dr
Golden, CO 80401-1722

James K Arbuckle, N0DWD
17131 Golden Hills Pl
Golden, CO 80401-2716

Daniel A Kern, W0DFU
1500 Hitchrack Rd
Bailey, CO 80421-1020

Monika Bukor, KE0IYB
433 Judson St
Longmont, CO 80501-4869

Jon S Thorson, KB0RVE
2407 24th Ave
Longmont, CO 80503-8150

Tim A Cunningham, KA0AAI
6389 Corinth Rd
Longmont, CO 80503-9097

Lori Shindel, W1CVR
585 Sugar Mill Pl
Longmont, CO 80504-4659

Brian J Walter, KE0KWM
312 Diamond Dr
Fort Collins, CO 80525-4224

Christopher D Pearson, KE0KDP
8817 Cottontail Rd
Loveland, CO 80537-9619

James A Robertson
7852 Bullet Rd
Peyton, CO 80831-6126

William G Blackwood, KE1JD
3246 Centennial Blvd
# 240
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-4077

Gerry L Rowe, WA6STI
2836 Elm Meadow Vw
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-7177

Curtis Hilyard, KE0EZN
4850 Witches Hollow Ln
Colorado Springs, CO 80911-5202

Jonathon S Seal, KE0KYW
731 Langley St
Colorado Springs, CO 80916-5222

Timothy Cassibry, KE0LJK
6732 Barrel Race Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80923-7323

Dick D Robinson, WA5VWJ
7613 Derringer Pt
Colorado Springs, CO 80923-7586

Alan E Weaver, KD0QVI
1104 W 13th St 1
Pueblo, CO 81003

John F Sanders, AB5ZR
Santa Fe Trail Ranch
33115 Mountain Meadow Overlook
Trinidad, CO 81082-3995

Janet Nesbitt, KA9ZDT
15785 Powell Cyn
Trinidad, CO 81082-4116

Keith R Serkes, KC0MLH
1175 Shenandoah Dr
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147-8711

Frank D Moore, AA0HB
1244 York Ave
Canon City, CO 81212-8614

John L McElroy, KD0VDV
318 Mesa Grande Dr
Grand Junction, CO 81507-1555

Randall D Fox, KD0UFR
670 Canyon Creek Dr
Grand Junction, CO 81507-9594

Charles B Estes
PO Box K
Meeker, CO 81641-0426


John S Neilson, KE0LQN
5270 S Yampa Ct
Centennial, CO 80015-2348

Bruce J Lawlor, KE0LPC
1164 Par Rd
Broomfield, CO 80020-1226

Nathan A Randall, KE0LPR
154 Willow Pl S
Broomfield, CO 80020-2924

John S Callery, KE0LPN
1227 Silver Dollar Ct
Castle Rock, CO 80104-7842

Glenn M Onken, KE0LVW
2565 Remington Rd
Elizabeth, CO 80107-8482

Richard Smith A, KE0LPI
8105 Briar Cliff Dr
Castle Pines, CO 80108-8215

Ronald L Ester, KE0LPM
7311 Village Square Dr
Apt 1706
Castle Pines, CO 80108-9374

Tyler J Weaver, KE0LVX
3330 S Alcott St
Englewood, CO 80110-1909

Robert B Lytwyniuk, AD0WP
8034 Bannock Dr
Larkspur, CO 80118-8505

Michael Voelkelt, KE0LQP
6761 S Washington St
Centennial, CO 80122-1262

Jerry D Jenkins, KE0LPP
14278 Greenfield Loop
Parker, CO 80134-3769

William S Coe, KE0LVU
23165 Bay Oaks Ave
Parker, CO 80138-5746

Mark M Noel, KE0LQO
444 E 19th Ave
Apt C402
Denver, CO 80203-1384

Daniel E Northern, KE0LVV
1111 Osage St
Unit 5
Denver, CO 80204-3447

Nicholas W Young, KE0LRX
225 S Broadway
Unit 9531
Denver, CO 80209-1583

Joshua F Ellis, KE0LPQ
2059 S Grant St
Denver, CO 80210-4023

Christopher D Price, KE0LPJ
3144 Umatilla St
Apt B
Denver, CO 80211-3851

James D Lavasseur, KE0LSC
2560 Upham St
Lakewood, CO 80214-5836

Matthew T Faber, KE0LSU
901 Miller Ct
Lakewood, CO 80215-5707

David W Schurman, KE0LST
280 Jersey St
Denver, CO 80220-5985

Dan E Davidson, KE0LSB
2226 S Clermont St
Denver, CO 80222-5009

Ritter M Randall, KE0LPO
3300 S Tamarac Dr
Apt C207
Denver, CO 80231-7106

Kelly Long, KE0LTY
11136 Bryant Dr
Denver, CO 80234-3145

Adam J St Amond, KE0LOF
4827 Thunderbird Dr
Apt 43
Boulder, CO 80303-3853

Adam R Prulhiere, KE0LPD
919 Cedar Ave
Boulder, CO 80304-3025

Keith R Cox, KE0LTA
100 Four Bits St
Bailey, CO 80421-1059

Brian J Marshall, KE0LTD
179 Bailey Dr
Bailey, CO 80421-2341

Kenneth E Farris, KE0LTB
31674 Black Widow Way
Conifer, CO 80433-9610

Bryan T Finn, KE0LTC
8715 S Doubleheader Ranch Rd
Morrison, CO 80465-2518

Dale R Dodd, KE0LSK
1600 Iron Horse Dr
Apt A101
Longmont, CO 80501-5701

Gary A Hampton, AD0WU
1305 S Grant St
Longmont, CO 80501-6505

John P Carter, KE0LRZ
3073 Meadowbrook Pl
Dacono, CO 80514-8517

Theresa K White, KE0LSG
903 Prospect Park Dr
Estes Park, CO 80517-7803

David K Reid, KE0LSA
700 E Drake Rd
Apt 12
Fort Collins, CO 80525-4620

Kimberly A Pightling, KE0LSF
2762 Silver Fox Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80526-5269

Larry M Duran, KE0LRY
3339 Huckleberry Way
Loveland, CO 80538-9459

Michaela G Quynn, KE0LPF
274 S 21st Ave
Brighton, CO 80601-2524

Erica M Quynn, KE0LPE
274 S 21st Ave
Brighton, CO 80601-2524

Leonard R Holladay, KE0LSH
12714 Shiloh Rd
Greeley, CO 80631-9493

Aian A Price, KE0LSL
7224 W Canberra Street Dr
Greeley, CO 80634-8830

Joseph R Cullom, KE0LSD
635 N Cache Ct
Greeley, CO 80634-9327

Michael M Andrews, KE0LQJ
12237 Grand Teton Dr
Peyton, CO 80831-7082

Heather Gilginas, KE0LPZ
1011 W South Ave
Woodland Park, CO 80863-2358

Justin E Hegg, KE0LPY
138 Millstream Ter
Colorado Springs, CO 80905-4430

Scott D Hahn, KE0LQL
515 Carved Ter
Colorado Springs, CO 80919-1128

Anthony T Mitchell, KE0LQK
15140 Sun Hills Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80921-2116

Nelson D Walker, KE0LUQ
123 Circle Dr N
Canon City, CO 81212-2430

Donald M Kroll, KE0LUO
614 Cowboy Way
Canon City, CO 81212-7710

Tilman J Pizani, KE0LUR
497 Greenhorn Dr
Canon City, CO 81212-9683

Joseph L Leavell, KE0LUP
PO Box 262
Canon City, CO 81215-0262

William R Hotze, KE0LUN
5003 County Road 123
Penrose, CO 81240-9160

Loretta Roppolo, KE0LUS
1355 5th St
Penrose, CO 81240-9706

Daniel L Galloway, KE0LUD
4971 County Road 250
Durango, CO 81301-8620

Garrett D Triest, KE0LVM
467 Rob Ren Dr
Grand Junction, CO 81504-6140

Destiny N Wrich, KE0LVB
654 Allegheny Dr
Grand Junction, CO 81504-6422

Magdalena Latek, KE0LVL
2936 F 1/4 Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81504-6921

Gabe Harrison, KE0LVG
2602 Cider Mill Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81505-1029

Bordon Sibany, KE0LVH
633 Silver Oak Dr
Grand Junction, CO 81505-1068

Mary E Austin, KE0LVC
2240 Signal Rock Ct
Grand Junction, CO 81505-8305

Isabella Longo, KE0LVF
2585 Fox Run
Grand Junction, CO 81505-8679

Layne Thompson, KE0LVN
2182 M Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81505-9391

Caedin T Cook, KE0LUU
2566 Corral Dr
Grand Junction, CO 81505-9561

Alesia Yanowich, KE0LVA
2652 G 3/8 Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81506-1869

Cadence J Neste, KE0LUX
2696 Amber Way
Grand Junction, CO 81506-3801

Ava Marso, KE0LVD
2674 Capra Way
Grand Junction, CO 81506-8207

Colin Lake, KE0LVJ
3615 Senna Way
Grand Junction, CO 81506-8496

Kendyl S Macaskill, KE0LUZ
834 Bermuda Ct
Grand Junction, CO 81506-8658

Dennis T Reuss, AD0XB
376 Soapweed Ct
Grand Junction, CO 81507-1663

Davis D Hoskins, AD0XC
611 Rambling Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81507-2621

Jeremiah Grubbs, KE0LVE
654 Kayenta Ct
Grand Junction, CO 81507-9530

Lilyan Mina, KE0LVP
464 1/2 Forelle St
Clifton, CO 81520-8751

Jennasea Licata, KE0LUV
1000 Wildwood Dr
Fruita, CO 81521-8600

Monay Licata, KE0LUW
1000 Wildwood Dr
Fruita, CO 81521-8600

Jay R Nichols, KE0LVO
1037 19 1/2 Rd
Fruita, CO 81521-9382

Bridget A Bankert, KE0LVI
1391 M Rd
Loma, CO 81524-9793

Joshua P Hemard, KE0LVK
385 34 1/2 Rd
Palisade, CO 81526-9522

Donald A Ryan, KE0LVQ
673 Mesa Ave
Rifle, CO 81650-2511


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