Field Day 2016

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This year’s Field Day had the most participants since 2012, and an all-time record for the number of entries. Results of ARRL Field Day 2016 now are available. A total of 2735 stations submitted entries.

The number of entries appears to be an all-time record — not too shabby for a year when sunspots were virtually nonexistent. That record number of entries totaled 1,105,315 contacts logged for the event. That is a decline of about 200K contacts (15%) logged from 2015. The numbers were down for each mode: CW was down 14%, digital was down 3%, and phone was down 17%.

The number of logs received appears to be an all-time ARRL Field Day record. This year saw 36,729 participants, up slightly from 2016.

As always, the most popular operating classes are the general Class A entries — those clubs and non-club groups that choose to set up a temporary Field Day site away from their usual stations or locations — a total of 1,269 (46.4%). They were joined in the “field” by an additional 328 Class B stations (12%). Stations operating from home, either with commercial power (Class D) or emergency power (Class E), made up an additional 861 of all entries (31.5%). Stations operating as Class F from various EOCs accounted for 184 entries (6.7%). The remaining entries came from the 55 Class C stations operating mobile (2%) or were one of the 38 check logs received.

Here in Colorado we had 53 stations submit their Field Day logs in ALL categories. Here are the results as reported by the ARRL.



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