Field Day 2015


Results of ARRL Field Day 2015 now are available. A total of 2720 stations submitted entries for the June 27-28 event.

While propagation was on the sorry side for Field Day 2015, the number of contacts for this year’s event rose slightly over 2014 — a modest 1.1 percent — and the number of CW contacts account for all of that increase; phone and digital contact numbers dipped slightly in 2015. Nearly 1.3 million contacts were logged during FD 2015.

The number of logs received appears to be an all-time ARRL Field Day record. This year saw 35,369 participants, down slightly from 2014.

A total of 1247 entries claimed the broad classification of “A” (which includes generator, commercial, and alternate/battery powered entries). Joining that core group operating in temporary setups were an additional 315 Class B entries (one or two-person entries). This indicates that 58 percent of all Field Day 2015 participants in some way took to the field.

Here in Colorado we had 57 stations submit their Field Day logs in ALL categories. Here are the results as reported by the ARRL.





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