CO Wildfires 2012

Colorado ARES Groups  – Prepared/Ready/Able

During the summer of 2012, the wildfires in Colorado were especially destructive. The wildfires in Waldo Canyon, High Park and elsewhere around the State of Colorado stretched our served agencies’ resources. ARES groups from around the state were activated. The stories of ARES involvement were well documented in both QST and CQ magazines.

CQ2012Fires_Page_1 CQ2012Fires_Page_2 CQ2012Fires_Page_3 CQ2012Fires_Page_4 CQ2012Fires_Page_5 CQ2012Fires_Page_6 CQ2012Fires_Page_7 CQ2012Fires_Page_8 QST 2012Fire_Page_1 QST 2012Fire_Page_2 QST 2012Fire_Page_3


QSTfire2012_Page_1 QSTfire2012_Page_2


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