After Action Reports


Saturday, April 13, 2013

To test and evaluate the emergency communications capability and responsiveness of Colorado Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), a geomagnetically induced mass power outage was simulated via “Operation – Lights Out”. The exercise began 24 hours into this simulated emergency event and continued for a planned 4 hours of operation.

The event environment included:
 All commercial power is off line
 No land line communications are available
 No cell phone connectivity
 Commercial repeaters are off line
 First responders and public safety systems are off line or significantly degraded
 Only amateur radio repeaters with emergency power are on line
The intent of the exercise was to verify the following Amateur radio functions and capabilities:
 Operation on backup power (battery, solar, wind, and/or generators)
 Sustainability of safe operations at home locations
 Preparation of food, water, medical supplies for a minimum of one week
 Ability to operate on 2m/70cm/HF-SSB (80m)
 Capability to operate Packet and WinLink stations
 Identification of optional operating locations
 Determination of how long each station can operate until resources are depleted

The exercise began at 0800 on Saturday, April 13, 2013 with each ARES district standing up their individual NCS operations with a presence in their representative Served Agency – Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs). Communications plans would be executed in accordance with published operation plans and ICS -205 forms.

AAR Lights Out Exercise 2013


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