BPL and Smart Grid

CA0RIXMNI guess our only hope as hams is the power company’s knowledge that BPL and Smart Grid systems are not profitable or viable communication solutions. The FCC has obviously succumbed to the bureaucrats and lobbyists in Washington DC that still hold on to the notion of using this costly “last mile” Broadband over Power Line solution for providing the Internet to rural customers.
My conversations with XCEL Power folks here that initiated the “Smart Grid” test city of Boulder, CO decided that the return on that investment is way off of what was initially estimated and Smart Grid deployments have been delayed to other areas. To their credit, XCEL did “notch out” the ham bands in the City of Boulder deployment. Outside of the ham band frequency spectrum, the noise was, and still is, extremely high.
It’s all about the “Washington’s” folks… the almighty $$$$ will decide the outcome of this war. The ARRL will continue to do their part to keep our plight in front of the appropriate people at the FCC but we hams need to remain ‘Semper Vigilans’ to any proposed deployments of these flawed and expensive technologies.


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