HamCon 2013 has come to a close and it was a blast!


If anybody that attended did not have a good time, it’s their own darn fault. There was so many things to do in a 72 hour weekend, it was a challenge to attend many of the great forums or to see all the vendor’s booths. From DX University on the previous Thursday right on to the Grand Prize drawings on Sunday afternoon, it was a whirlwind of activity. Field trips to the WWV transmitter/antenna site and to the FAA Regional Air Traffic Control Center were once in alifetime opportunities and NO one was disappointed. W1AW/Ø was on the air with reports of very good signals to the world most of the weekend despite a huge Geomagnetic interruption to propagation and more locally, a huge thunderstorm and lightning show only seen in high mountain elevations. 
Live Bluegrass Music by all-ham musicians was enjoyed by all in the evening. Great speakers, ARRL dignitaries, unique displays, excellent forums, an extraordinary Wouff Hong midnight ceremony, Hospitality Suite every night, QLF contest, CW pileup contest, good food and camaraderie only found among ham radio ops prevailed throughout the weekend. 
Thanks to all 600 of you who attended ! See you again in Laramie, WY next year…
Jack, WMØG

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