July 2014
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Jack Ciaccia, WMØG

ARRL CO Section Manager

PO Box 21362

Boulder, CO   80308-4362

303-587-0993  (Cell)  

Email: wm0g@arrl.org


ARRL Section Manager Responsibilities


We only hope that the Rockies can catch as much

momentum as the Parker Radio Association 

Today, we received official word that we have affiliation status with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). We are looking forward to our mutually beneficial partnership in actively promoting the growth of our great hobby.  Many thanks to Jack Ciaccia, WM0G, and Wayne Heinen, N0POH, for their support and guidance.

Today, we received official word that we have affiliation status with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). We are looking forward to our mutually beneficial partnership in actively promoting the growth of our great hobby. Many thanks to Jack Ciaccia, WMØG, and Wayne Heinen, NØPOH, for their support and guidance.


Greetings –

This note is to announce that the 2014 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention scheduled to be held in Laramie, Wyoming this July has been CANCELLED due to extenuating circumstances. We thank those involved with its planning for the time and effort put forward on behalf of hams across the Division.

We are grateful that the Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest has stepped forward to serve as alternate host of the 2014 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention. It will now take place August 8-10 in sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico. Led by individuals who organized the 2011 Division Convention in Taos, the annual Duke City Hamfest is a standing three day amateur radio convention that occurs in one of Albuquerque’s largest hotels, so it will ably fit the bill as a Division Convention members have become accustomed to.

More details about the 2014 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention in Albuquerque will be provided soon. Please mark your calendars!

Brian Mileshosky N5ZGT
Director, ARRL Rocky Mountain Division

Dwayne Allen WY7FD
Vice-Director, ARRL Rocky Mountain Division

ARRL Rocky Mountain Division
Director: Brian P Mileshosky, N5ZGT


Youth in Amateur Radio

The August issue of WorldRadio Magazine has a great article featuring Carole Perry’s (WB2MGP) Youth in Amateur Radio Forum this year at the Dayton HAMvention. This was Carole’s 25th year of presenting the Youth Forum and for that I congratulate her. Once again, one of the Youth Forum presenter’s was from the BARC Juniors (Boulder Amateur Radio Club). Gary Bailey, KDØTRO, age 10 was the youngest speaker at the Forum and he WOW’d them with his presentation on “Radio’s and Components I have built and tested”. See the link below on this year’s Youth Forum and the talented young hams.

 World Radio Magazine – August 2013


In case you were wondering….

The Boulder A-Index Explained:

The geomagnetic A-index is derived from the K-index, which quantifies disturbances in the horizontal component of earth’s magnetic field, using a 0-9 integer scale.  K and A indices are indicators of ionospheric radio propagation conditions.

A value of 1 on the K-index indicates calm and 5 or more indicates a geomagnetic storm.  The K-index is derived from the maximum fluctuations of horizontal components observed on a magnetometer, during a three-hour interval.

The A-index provides an average level for geomagnetic activity.  Because K scale magnetometer fluctuations are non-linear, quasi-logarithmic, it is not meaningful to take averages for a set of K-indices.  Instead, each K is converted back into a linear scale called the equivalent three hourly range “a”-index (lower case “a”).  The daily A-index is an average of eight “a”-indices.

For many years, local hams had access to an A-index published for Boulder, Colorado.  Although the formal “Boulder A-Index” is no longer officially published, the magnetometer used to provide it is still operational.  Below, are web links to current Boulder A-index data.

Real-Time Geomagnetic and Solar Indices (NOAA)


12-Hour Boulder Magnetometer Monitor (USGS)


*  K-Index, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K-index

Sources: * Steenburg, Rob, 2013, “Space Weather for Radio Amateurs”, NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (Presentation to the Boulder Amateur Radio Club, March 19, 2013).




The Internet hasn’t buried amateur radio, but some wonder: Will young people keep the hobby alive?

Ham radio alive and well in Boulder County

By Tony Kindelspire Longmont Times-Call 



There is an excellent book called “From Crystal Sets to Sideband” written by long time Boulder Amateur Radio Club member, Frank Harris, KØIYE in 2002 and last updated in 2011. It’s a wonderful work of more than 400 pages starting with basic electricity working all the way up to design considerations for homebrew sideband rigs and beyond. Full of great photos, diagrams and humorous cartoons, it’s an entertaining read as well as a great reference sourcebook…and it’s FREE! KØIYE graciously and generously donated it to the public. Thanks to Four State QRP and QRPARCI it’s available to be downloaded and printed freely at http://www.wa0itp.com/crystalsetsssb.html 

A very nice write up about the author, Frank, KØIYE appeared in this World Radio Magazine Article in May 2011


2014 ARRL HAMFESTs and CONVENTIONS                     

Links to websites belonging to the above events are found on the Rocky Mountain Division site: http://www.RockyMountainDivision.org 
If you’re organizing a Hamfest, convention, or tailgate we encourage you to apply for ARRL-sanctioning. Sanctioning contains many benefits, and details can be found at http://www.arrl.org/hamfest-convention-application


is on line
The DRC posts a complete list of local ham nets on their site. The link is: http://www.w0tx.org/netlist.htm



Latest Lafayette, Colorado, weather conditions and forecast

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